Dark Storms Rise

The land of Emerôn is in chaos. With the passing of the high king, and no heir apparent to take the throne, the leaders of the surrounding territories scramble to take it (using whatever methods to achieve this). Yet, a darkness begins to rise, an ancient enemy returns to bring chaos and destruction to the material world. A war that even the gods themselves fear is looming and only the strength of their chosen heroes can stop it.

You are one of the chosen heroes, assigned to collect and destroy seven unholy artifacts that hold the power to restoring this ancient threat. Be warned, for this is no simple task. Another threat is also in pursuit of these artifacts and they will stop at nothing until their mad god is returned. Will you succeed in bringing an end to this evil before it can take root, or will you succumb to the evil that lays deep within the very soul of mortals. Redemption and mercy, or vengeance and destruction; the choice is yours.