The Story Thus Far.
A blog for your campaign

Our story begins on an orc slave ship, with three of our adventures chained with the other prisoners, and heading towards the fighting coliseum in the Daknaes desert. Mailee, a spirited, half-elf, Hunter, Percy, an independent, human Summoner with his fiesty, catgirl, Eidolon Eva, and Dru, a hopeful, gentle-minded, dragonborn druid. Along with them is Fritz, a swashbuckling captain, and dru's mother Lita, a human druid. Once they arrive at the coliseum, the group is forced into cramped quarters, and forced to participate in gladiator style fighting tournaments. While their they meet Kine, a gruff, often hard to deal with, half-elf, rogue, who has been separated and locked in isolation for several years. After days of continuous abuse and being forced to fight, the group forms a plan of escape, but not before running into the orc chieftain, Kargantz the Wrathful, who nearly incapacitates Kine and Mialee. By capturing an Orc Sand Galley, the party makes a narrowing escape and begins to head south.

After several days of travel the party comes across a tribe of nomadic humans, who help replenish their supplies and offer them food, shelter, and healing. The party discovers the the tribe is on a pilgrimage to one of the scattered oasis' deeper into the desert. They hear rumors of ruins further south that have had strange circumstances happening around them. Lights fill the night sky and animals seem to afraid to go near them. Curious of this the group asks the tribe if they can travel with them to the ruins. Once there, the group hears a voice calling them to come further into the ruins and meet their destinies. Inside, the group discovers an archangel by the name of Barachiel who was sent by the gods. He told the group that an ancient divine being named Sephtis was returning to this world and with him, its destruction. The only way to prevent this was to collect and destroy the seven vessels of sin. 


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